Travel Etcetera


From his recent travels, The West Australian’s travel editor Stephen Scourfield brings together some of his most fascinating journeys and encounters in the book Travel Etcetera.

From the giant tortoises of Mauritius to the carbon ledgers of India and mai tais of Hawaii. From the temples of Bangkok to the frigid history of the Yukon. This exceptional book looks at the world in a personal and often amused way. It is a literary journey that interprets the very nature of travel.

Scourfield is an award-winning writer, recipient of a United Nations Media Award and the inaugural winner of the WA Australian Journalists’Association Travel Report Prize in 2003.He has a sharp eye for detail, and the rare ability to combine practical reporting with a sublime poetic style.


On July 12, Scourfield was named Australia’s best travel writer for the second time. Scourfield, who has written for The West Australian for 25 years, got the nod at the 2011 National Travel Industry Awards in Sydney for his feature on the Kenyan game reserve of Masai Mara. He described the short trip with Wildlife Safari, a Perth-based company, as packed with “intense experiences”. Scourfield was also judged Australia’s best travel writer in the 2009 awards for a report on his travels in India. He was also named the International Cruise Council of Australasia’s national writer of the year that year.


His book, Etcetera, is $A15 and now only available from the author.



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