Ask Sally: Dinner with good taste

Taste for Travel’s agony aunt Sally Slaughter answers queries on travel etiquette, ethics and modern manners in her column, Ask Sally. Inquiries:

Dear Sally, My in-laws are arriving in Bogota from the US shortly, and I have to make a big impression with the welcoming meal, because it’s their first visit. He’s a vegan chef with a temper and she’s a fishi-tarian, whatever that means. What can I cook? I’m confused. Maria.

Dear Maria,
What’s wrong with people these days, not eating anything that has feelings? It’s hard to please everyone. I’ve researched your dilemma – food bloggers are helpful, aren’t they?  For the first course I suggest you serve free-range organic fish, because caged fish is uncool. For the main course try this: Peel and chop sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnip and yams and arrange them artfully over the top of a big leg of lamb so no meat is visible, season well, and roast in the oven for two hours.  Serve with a rustic Chilean red, because Colombian wines suck. You might want to start the guests on the wine well before dinner, the sedative effect is not to be underestimated, especially on the bad-tempered one. It will all taste delicious and imagine how amazed they will be when they get to the lamb. In my experience, people love surprises. Graciously yours, Sally.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Sally: Dinner with good taste

  1. hahahahah! kallo! Priceless… SERVE LOTS and lot’s of Red prior to onset or soak a mango in milk… that will upset their tummy so they can’t eat anything – Maria this way you can blame everything on the jetlag. Love this!


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