Ask Sally: Line dancing in Islamabad

Taste for Travel’s agony aunt Sally Slaughter answers queries on travel etiquette, ethics and modern manners in her column, Ask Sally. Inquiries:

Dear Sally, Now that Osama bin Laden has left the building, my husband Billy Bob and I would like to fulfill a long-cherished dream of taking our line-dancing troupe to Islamabad. We’ve taken our dancing gals and guys to lots of other countries. We’ve toe-tapped in Idaho and boot-scooted in Iowa and Indiana, so naturally Islamabad is on our bucket list. The spirit of friendship and dancing and having a good time is what us folks is all about. Whaddya think? Honestly. Betty Sue.

Dear Betty Sue,
How can I put this delicately without causing a major international incident. The bloodstains in Abbottabad are barely dry. The US State Department has issued travel warnings to its citizens abroad. The CIA has said there will almost certainly be revenge attacks. I’m not sure Islamabad is ready for rhinestone cowboys and apple-cheeked girls in tiny gingham skirts. Not unless they are relatives you detest and their wills have been changed in your favour. Trust me, this is not the time. Try Istanbul or Kabul and pretend it begins with an I.
Graciously yours, Sally.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Sally: Line dancing in Islamabad

  1. I’ve never been one to heed the warnings of the us state department (notice I didn’t capitalize – mostly out of spite) so I’m going to doe-sie-doe my tush… and swing my partner too and fro, over to Islamabad – I’m game, to give it a whirl or even a twirl – so long as it rocks their caves!


  2. Ha ha, Penelope, I like your style. We’ve had enough of living in fear. We can be bold but look after our safety at the same time.


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