Planking worldwide still a straight-up trend

What the plank?! After several weeks the worldwide planking craze is still viral and this blog is getting about 50 clicks a day from people wanting to know the world’s best spots to lie ram-rod horizontal and amuse your friends by posting the pix on Facebook, Flickr and a dozen other sites. We  are consistently top of Google for people searching for the best places to do it.

Our previous post listed the 10 top spots in the world NOT to go planking. Since then, two Taiwanese women, Karren and Jinya have been planking with stray dogs to draw attention to the plight of animal neglect,  New Zealand MP Peter Dunne planked live on TVNZ which drew as much derision as it did laughter, and the NZ Prime Minister John Key was snapped watching his 15-year-old son Max plank across the sofa in the prime ministerial residence.

In other planking news, one Facebook group has over 300,000 fans where one person posted a photo of their dog doing a plank across a bath, and students at two southeast Queensland schools were suspended for planking. The suspensions followed the death of Brisbane man Acton Beale who fell seven storeys to his death after he lost his balance while trying to plank on a Brisbane balcony railing. The students were apparently horizontal on top of a high fence.

Seven mine workers have been sacked or suspended for planking at some of the biggest mining operations in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. Someone over there really has no sense of humour. And eight Woolworths staff, also in Australia, were sacked after posting pix of themselves planking at work. The Daily Telegraph reports they were fired after planking on top of meat grinders, display shelves, trolleys and stacks of milk crates then boasting about it online.

The craze shows no signs of getting old, although we’re told that anyone under the age of 21 is now “so over it and doesn’t do it any more”. Anyway, here’s the list of the Best Planks worldwide we’ve seen to date.

1. Simon Carville planking naked in the arms of famous Perth statue the Eliza

2. On a roller coaster ride in California

3. On the top of public toilet doors in Toronto, Canada

4. An airport worker (wearing his earmuffs) ram-rod straight on a wheel of a jumbo jet

5. Lying on the bar at Sydney’s trendy downtown bar The Ivy

6. The naked dude (except for his bright blue socks) across the top of a stepladder (ouch!)

7. On top of helicopter blades

8. On top of a stuffed cow at a museum in Austria

9. Sideways plank on a horse (riding boots optional)

10. A vertical plank with a naked man’s head down the toilet.

As always, plank safely folks. If you have planked at a famous world landmark while on your travels, tell us about it.

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