World’s best chefs head for Peruvian foodie fest

At least 300,000 people are expected to munch their way through Peruvian delights at the fourth Mistura International Gastronomic Festival, from September 8–18 in Lima. Even Rene Redzepi, chef of the world’s top restaurant Noma, will be there, along with UK chef Hestor Bluementhal.

And yes, there will be lots of Peru’s famous chocolate!

This annual event, organised by the Peruvian Society of Gastronomy (APEGA), showcases and celebrates the best of Peru’s unique cuisine under one roof. This year Mistura´s main theme will be Peru’s emblematic fruits grown in the coastal, highland and jungle regions.

This year Mistura has provided the forum for nine of the world’s most famous chefs representing Asia, Europe, North and South America, to gather in Lima for the second meeting of the International Advisory Council of Spain’s Basque Culinary Center.

This advisory council aims to turn gastronomy into a channel of opportunities for all and is chaired by Spanish chef Ferran Adria and attended by the world’s most renowned chefs such as Peru’s own Gaston Acurio, Rene Redzepi (Denmark), Yukio Hattori (Japan), Massimo Bottura (Italy), Michel Bras (France), Dan Barber (United States), Alex Atala (Brazil) and Heston Bluementhal (United Kingdom).

Peru’s Tourism Board coordinator for Asia Pacific, Rosana Guinea, says: “Lima is highly regarded as the gastronomic capital of Latin America and Peruvian cuisine is gaining acclaim around the world.  More tourists are adding gastronomy to their key experiences whilst on holiday in Peru and Mistura offers a fun forum to sample the traditional and new cuisine trends.”

The four-day event includes seminars, conferences, keynote speakers, demonstrations and tastings.  For those with a sweet tooth, there will be a special area focused on chocolate and Peruvian desserts and a large area dedicated to all the varieties and brands of Peru’s national drink, Pisco.

Mistura is also aiming to find Peru’s next gastronomic extraordinaire through a number of competitions and contests.  Entrants will be competing in categories such as Best Young Cook, Best Young Pastry Cook and Best Baker.  Also competitions between different culinary schools from around the country will take place.  The public can vote for their favorite at Mistura’s Facebook page

Tickets for Mistura are very cheap – they can be purchased for 15 Peruvian Soles ($A5. 50).

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One thought on “World’s best chefs head for Peruvian foodie fest

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