Star spotting in St Tropez comes to the Sofitel

A poignant shot of Diana, Princess of Wales, on holiday in the Riviera

I’ve never been to St Tropez, but most of the other rich and famous celebs on the planet have (she writes without a trace of irony) with paparazzi lurking in the bushes, waiting to snap their every move. A photographic exhibition paying homage to pop and modern cultural icons lounging around the French Riviera has opened at the Sofitel hotels in Sydney and Melbourne, featuring the work of Daniel Angeli.

Some pictures, particularly those of Diana, Princess of Wales (above) and a young and goddess-like Brigitte Bardot, are quite poignant. Both women had a love-hate relationship with photographers, courting attention yet hating the goldfish bowls in which they lived.

Titled Star Spotting in Saint-Tropez, and sponsored by Tourisme Saint-Tropez in conjunction with Air France and Atout France, the  exhibition is open through to the end of January 2012 at the Sofitel Wentworth Sydney and Sofitel on Collins in Melbourne.

Star Spotting in Saint-Tropez showcases unique photos of other celebrities such as Elton John, Dustin Hoffman, Karl Lagerfield, Michael Caine, Sting, Jack Nicholson, Jerry Hall, The Rolling Stones, Bono and Diane Kruger. It’s very much a collection of old and new wave celebrities combined. A much younger Elton John clowns for the camera in St Tropez pictured below.

Situated on the French Riviera in the Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, St Tropez has always been a premier celebrity holiday spot. Set on the picturesque Bay of Saint-Tropez, the town is known as much for its celebrity holiday-makers as it is for the dense line of yachts along the quay, its beaches, designer shops and ultra expensive cars.

Annual visits to St Tropez peak with the arrival of the prestigious nearby Cannes Film Festival each summer. Since its inception in 1946, the Cannes Film Festival has lured the glitterati. At the conclusion of the festival, celebrities have traditionally flocked to St Tropez. Michael Caine, wife Shakira and  daughter Nikki pictured below.

Daniel Angeli was one of the first “people”photographers. Often considered the godfather of the paparazzi movement, David Angeli’s shots always capture the spontaneity of the moment. Taken sometimes with and often without consent, his pictures have captured the more private aspects of celebrity lives, and have documented the rapid rise of celebrity culture.

Michael Caine’s wife Shakira looks decidedly unimpressed in that cozy family snapshot.

Bardot, perhaps St Tropez’ most famous resident, grew up in the village. She still lives there. She eventually quit movies to become an animal rights activist and run an animal rescue shelter, and now aged in her 70s, continues to be an influential lobbyist.


Sofitel Wentworth:

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