Intrepid sailing to Greece, Croatia and SE Asia

Sailing is one of my passions and Intrepid Travel’s options for 2012 look pretty good to me. And you get to meet a whole new bunch of people with the same interests. Especially sailing to Greece. There’s truely no better way to explore the Greek islands. Been there, done that, loved it.

And the water really is that bright blue in the Ionian Islands – Lefkada and Kefalonia have one beach each, gloriously undeveloped, with fine white pebbles and this eye-dazzling color.

The travel company is adding a new range of trips to its repertoire with small group sailing adventures in Croatia, Greece and Thailand. In creating a streamlined, easy-to-book product, Intrepid has opened up the world of small group sailing for travellers wanting to experience Europe and South East Asia from sea level with a trusted operator.

It makes the option of a sailing holidays available to both groups and solo travellers who can book a single berth on the boat. In true Intrepid style, the 11 new sailing itineraries will drop anchor at some of the world’s favourite island playgrounds as well as some lesser known, hidden spots. With a high quality boat, experienced crew, meals and snorkelling equipment included, passengers are free to swim, snorkel and kayak while at sea, and hike, rock climb, dine and relax while on land.

The itineraries may be fixed but flexibility is still a key feature with passengers given the choice of helping to sail the boat or lie on deck with a book. Equal freedom is given to the stops on land, where visits to ruins, restaurants, bars or beaches are left up to the discretion of the passengers.

“This new product means we are able to offer our loyal fans and new friends a classic experience with an Intrepid twist. Consumer demand for small group sailing trips is strong and we are confident these fantastic trips will provide people with a fun, safe and hassle-free way to sail in Europe and South-East Asia,” says James Thornton, Intrepid Travel’s general manager of global sales.

Some of the new sailing itineraries include:

  • Phuket to Ko Phi Phi Sailing, starts from: $A755 (per person);
  • Sail Greece – Cyclades Islands, starts from: $A1850 (per person)
  • Sail Greece – Ionian Sea, starts from: $A1450 (per person)
  • Sail Greece – Santorini to Mykonos, starts from: $A1450 (per person)
  • Sail Greece – Vounaki to Kefalonia, starts from: $A825 (per person)
  • Sail Croatia – Dubrovnik to Primosten, starts from: $A1450 (per person)

More info:

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