House sitting could be just the ticket for the Olympics is a global house-sitting website offering a great way to travel up-market and worldwide while saving on accommodation costs. House sitting is an innovative option for finding somewhere to stay while London’s Olympics are on, as getting accommodation could be a marathon task. It’s estimated the Games will attract 500,000 tourists to the UK this year, with many also partying for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Stonecroft manor house, Rutland Waters, which is on the house-sitting list

Anyone can become a house sitter by joining the site from $29 and simply creating a profile for homeowners to view.

You’ll receive daily email alerts with new house sitting opportunities so you’ll be the first to find out what is available in London and the UK during the Olympic Games 2012, and the rest of the world.  You could be staying in an apartment in Westminster, in the heart of the city, a Georgian townhouse in leafy Richmond, West London, a garden apartment in the high-end trendy village of Hampstead, North London or a Victorian semi-detached home in trendy Hackney, East London, for free. Many homes also include pet care such as caring for a cat or dog rather than them going into kennels, in return for the free retreat.

A gorgeous home in Yorkshire which is also on the house-sitters’ website

House sit durations can be anything from a long weekend to several months, with the majority lasting for a week or two, the average length of a holiday.  Homes in the surrounding regions of London are also in need of house sitters. With good transport links and fast train services into Central London and the centre of the Olympic Games, this is an ideal opportunity to see a part of England you may never have discovered before.

Other house sitting options in quintessentially English villages in other neighboring areas include: Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Essex, the Home Counties, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, all with easy access into the capital.

Have you ever done a house swap or house-sitting arrangement as a travel option? We’d love to hear about your experience.

6 thoughts on “House sitting could be just the ticket for the Olympics

  1. My partner Kristine and I have been using Trusted Housesitters for the last 8 months of our travels and have stayed for 1 to 2 months in a succession of comfortable houses in great locations with sometimes a choice of cars to get around in. We’ve looked after numerous dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, gardens and pools which was more of a pleasure than a burden, and we leave each one with some wonderful experiences and memories, not to mention having made some good friends with invitations to return whenever. I couldn’t recommend this system more especially for those who have the time to travel but a limited budget.


  2. Hi Geoff, thanks for your comment. I’m so glad to read you had such a positive experience. I must say it looks brilliant. You’re in the community from the start and get a up close and personal perspective of the country you stay in. It sure beats an impersonal hotel. As a pet owner, I have no qualms about looking after other people’s, and I think housesitting will definitely be something I will opt for in the near future. I’m always on a strict budget!


  3. While I may not be heading to London during the Olympics, I will be heading to the leafy, slightly bohemian and very trendy suburb of La Condesa, Mexico City for a six week house sit thanks to a listing on Trustedhousesitters. And after Mexico I am heading to Cairns, lucky me!
    I have been house sitting for many years and think this is a brilliant way to go. I spend quality time in places I may only pass through at any other time, or never visit. In this way get to know and enjoy the area and most importantly the people. I have made some great friends world wide, both the home owners and neighbours. I have looked after the full range of pets from the usual cats and dogs to alpacas, chickens and exotic parrots and have visited vets, called plumbers and coped with fallen trees, but it’s all part of the experience. In all the years. My sits have ranged from several weeks to 5 months, and I can honestly say there is only one experience I would rather not replicate – well maybe 1 1/2, but the rest have made up for that.
    I love to read the daily email listings sent by Trusted housitters, and just wish I could take on more; some sound and look just fantastic, but there is only so far one can spread oneself. My recommendation: just go for it!


  4. My husband John and I have been “sitting” through our retirement. Over the past five years we’ve sat some amazing homes around the world, looked after wonderful pets, made life long friends and saved $$$$$$ on accommodation. It’s been a rewarding adventure and one we could never have experienced without this truly win, win concept. We’re also home owners who, without trusted sitters looking after our home, couldn’t pursue our passion for travel. Trustedhousesitters is the very best place to find sitters and homes to sit ……….. long may our adventure continue!!


  5. Allen and I joined Trustedhousesitters 2 years ago when we first started our new and exciting housesitting life. Thanks to Trustedhousesitters we have had many amazing experiences ranging from trying to negotiate some friendly crocs in tropical North Queensland to exercising 6 large dogs in Turkey (they couldn’t understand English).

    Our first housesit in Surrey, UK was probably the most memorable as we were rookies and desperately wanted to make an impression. Challenge number one was to care for a horse that suffered separation anxiety when its owners went on holiday! We were told to look for signs of colic…..well, not to be phased, we carried out a 24 hour watch on the horse and this went on for 3 weeks. I’m delighted to say he never missed a beat.

    Trustedhousesitters have given us the perfect opportunity to travel and to choose the location and time that suits us. The passports are ready and our bags are packed for the next adventure in the USA.


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