We’re giving away our Parisian Mo-Resin jewellery

Happy Birthday to us! To celebrate our first year online we’re giving away Parisian-inspired Mo-Resin jewellery to our readers. A gal can never have too much bling.

French artist Olivier and his Paris fashion journalist wife Sandrine run their avant garde jewellery business, Mo Resin (or MO for short), from their scenic beachside home, about 30km south of the centre of Sydney. The French couple emigrated to Australia with their four children in 2005. Sandrine had previously worked for Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country, as well as running her own magazine.

Now she’s half a world away from the French fashion scene which she says is very stressful and mirrors The Devil Wears Prada. Instead of a nerve-jangling Parisian commute, each morning she and Olivier simply descend a flight of stairs into their light-filled studio overlooking towering gum trees and sparkling water. Their two youngest children run barefoot on nearby beaches, and catch a ferry across the bay to school, something they could never have imagined in France.

“We wanted to give our kids a wider view of the world,” Sandrine explains. “Art dealers and jewellers are narrowly defined in France, and coming here is an amazing opportunity for us to discover what’s so happy about living in Australia.”

Olivier works with gold and silver leaf and other materials encased in translucent resin. He’s inspired by the red and ochre desert colors and gum leaves of Australia, but also draws inspiration from his homeland. His very modern work has movement, reflected light and he specialises in statement pieces. I can see his love of sensual curves not only in his jewellery, but also in the many oil paintings for sale, stacked up in the studio.

French artist Olivier with his jewellery collection in his beachside studio

He makes everything himself and has no thoughts of mass production. All pieces have a strictly limited edition. Each piece is engraved with the MO initials confirming their handmade originality.

“I want to keep my business the artistic way,” says Olivier. “I want to know my hands have shaped all my work. You’re never as good as when you’re doing something you love, rather than doing something you are obliged to do.”

Among the collections I like best are earrings, rings and pendants on silver and gold leaf, etched with an old map of Paris. And we have one of these to give away, and a leopard print, gold leaf resin cuff.   The rings have adjustable bands, to fit any finger size. The cuff can also be altered to fit any wrist size. Just soak it in hot water for a few minutes and reshape.

All you have to do to win one of these gorgeous items is leave a comment at the bottom of the post, and tell us which one you would like. We’ll pick the winners in a blind draw, at the end of the month.

All the jewellery is perfect for travellers. Instead of taking your precious pieces and worrying if they might be at risk of being stolen, Mo Resin jewellery gives you that holiday glamour look, and they are indestructible! Drop them and they won’t break. And they are so light, they are not going to weigh down your hand luggage. Prices for the rings start at $A51, cuffs start from $A68, and necklaces from $A174. There are also bracelets, pendants, earrings, handbag holders and bangles.

In addition, Mo-Resin is offering an exclusive 25% discount on their jewellery at their online store to Taste for Travel readers. Our discount code is tastefortravel. The special offer ends on April 30. www.mo-resin.com.au

 Check out their special Mother’s Day collections. You can now come and visit MO’s studio and showroom at 7 Cullen Street,  MAIANBAR, NSW 2230, every first Sunday on the area’s monthly art trail, or by appointment.



13 thoughts on “We’re giving away our Parisian Mo-Resin jewellery

  1. i have been to Paris a few times and there’s something quite right about wearing a piece of my fav fav fav city on my finger so please please please pick me


    1. There’s a lot to adore, Ms T. Too much to choose from. The colors are so vibrant. Yes, a studio visit is a great idea.


  2. the comment about sensual curves is…accurate i too am astonished by the color range. i have looked at their website now. you need to wear neutral colors and simple designs for clothes if you accessorize with intense jewel tones.


  3. I love reading stories ’bout folks who picked up and made choices for their family and their sanity; and, Oliver, Sandrine and MoResin are another tale of travel and decisions – yay!

    Now, to the matter at hand – making choices re: their beautiful, sensual and “practical” jewelry. First off, anything red works for me. Having said that, however, that leopard print, gold leaf resin cuff would be stunning on my right arm.

    Finally, I’m making note of MO’s location in Sydney, as I have friends there and if they don’t know ’bout MO they should.

    Happy 1st birthday, Taste For Travel !



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