Mo-Resin French jewellery discount

Many thanks to all our readers who Liked and commented on Mo-Resin’s fabulous jewellery. And congratulations to the two lucky winners of our first birthday giveaway. With Mother’s Day coming up on May 13, we are extending our offer of 25 per cent discount on their online collections. A gal can never have too much bling, right?

French artist Olivier and his Paris fashion journalist wife Sandrine run their avant garde jewellery business, Mo Resin (or MO for short), from their scenic beachside home, about 30km south of the centre of Sydney. The French couple emigrated to Australia with their four children in 2005. Olivier works with gold and silver leaf and other materials encased in translucent resin. He’s inspired by the red and ochre desert colors and gum leaves of Australia, but also draws inspiration from his homeland. His very modern work has movement, reflected light and he specialises in statement pieces.

He makes everything himself and has no thoughts of mass production. All pieces have a strictly limited edition. Each piece is engraved with the MO initials confirming their handmade originality.

“I want to keep my business the artistic way,” says Olivier. ”I want to know my hands have shaped all my work. You’re never as good as when you’re doing something you love, rather than doing something you are obliged to do.”

All the jewellery is perfect for travellers. Instead of taking your precious pieces and worrying if they might be at risk of being stolen, Mo-Resin jewellery gives you that holiday glamour look, and they are indestructible. Drop them and they won’t break. They are so light, they are not going to weigh down your hand luggage. Prices for the rings start at $A51, cuffs start from $A68, and necklaces from $A174. There are also bracelets, pendants, earrings, handbag holders and bangles.

Our discount code is tastefortravel. The special offer ends on  May 13.

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