Niagara Falls walk on a tightrope

Mark June 15 in your diary as aerialist and seventh generation circus performer, Nik Wallenda, tightrope walks across Niagara Falls, the most famous waterfalls in the world.

It’s billed as  “the tightrope walk of the century”.

Wallenda will make the 550m metre crossing above the world renowned Horseshoe Falls between Ontario, Canada and New York State. Wallenda obtained approval from both US and Canadian officials to attempt his feat which is expected to attract over 120,000 tourists to The Niagara Park in Canada and the Niagara Falls State Park in New York.

The dare devil feat will take place at 9pm local time with an international television broadcast live to millions of global viewers. In announcing the walk, Wallenda said: “This has been a dream of mine ever since I saw Niagara Falls for the first time when I was six years old.  I fully expect this to be only the beginning of my life-long relationship with Niagara Falls.”

Let’s hope it will indeed be a long one!

The tightrope walk is expected to take between 30 and 40 minutes above the falls where 12.11 billion litres of water pass the crest each day at 30km/h, dropping down to the river 53m below.

Nik Wallenda is no stranger to dare devil stunts. He set a Guinness World Record in 2008 for the longest distance and greatest height ever traveled by bicycle on a high wire after walking 150m out on a high wire 20 stories above street level without a safety net and then cycled back for the record.


*  Straddling the Canadian-United States International Border and both in the Province of Ontario and the State of New York, Niagara Falls attracts some 12 million tourists each year

* The Niagara is only 12,000 years old. The Niagara Escarpment, which was created by erosion is much older. The glaciers pressed down on the land during the last ice age and laid down layers of sediment, then the slow process of erosion of ice and water ate at the surface of the escarpment

* In June Niagara Falls has a full-on month of festivals, bicentennial commemorations, food and wine events, concerts and theatre. Go to for details

* More on the tightrope event go to:

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