How to take travel stress out of your pet

Meet darling little Friday, who clearly doesn’t like travelling. She belongs to my daughter Kelly and her partner Tom and when they go away for the weekend up to their country estate (Tom’s dad owns a spread in the wine-growing region of the Hunter Valley about three hours north of Sydney) she and fellow feline buddy Teddy go too.

Teddy chills out and doesn’t mind the trip. But Friday, well known for her feisty temperament,  throws a tantrum in the back of the Hilux. Which isn’t a nice way to start your vacation.

So here’s how to take travel stress out of your pet – a cozy little pod to keep pets nice and safe and less stressed when you’re travelling.

The Sleepypod is an award-winning pet carrier that provides security and comfort for smaller pets at home and on the go. Sleepypod Australia owner, Brisbane-based architect Dianne De Barbera discovered the range while searching for a stylish, safe and innovative pet carrier for her Bengal cat Max.

“I didn’t want a plastic pet carrier for Max; I wanted something functional, comfortable and safe and I was coming up empty handed. Discovering the Sleepypod was a revelation,” Dianne says.

The Sleepypod is a luxury pet-bed which doubles as a car seat for pets much like a car seat for a child; it has been designed with seatbelt straps on two sides to allow it to be safely secured in a car seat or onto a suitcase handle. And it does the job. In 2009 the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) performed collision testing on many pet travel carriers and Sleepypod mobile pet beds were the only carriers that passed the 40km/h crash test. The Sleepypod is suitable for pets up to 7kg.

So, waddya think, Friday? And don’t look at me like that.

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