Dine like a queen on Fitzroy Street

 Australia celebrates the Diamond Jubilee weekend one week later than the Brits. And the Kiwis. Aussies always did like to be different. That’s the best I can think of. Solving public holiday and monarchist/republic dilemmas is beyond me.

A four-day foodie extravaganza will be hosted on Melbourne’s iconic Fitzroy Street in St Kilda’s over the Queen’s Birthday Weekend, with offers at dozens of restaurants and bars on the bustling strip.

Presented by the Fitzroy Street Business Association, from Friday June 8 to Monday June 11 locals and tourists alike are invited to wine and dine like royalty without having to sell the crown jewels. They’ll be able to enjoy tasting plates, lunch and dinner specials, banquets, specialty cocktails, High Tea, wine matching and even family deals.

Now one of Melbourne’s great foodie destinations, some of the city’s finest up and coming chefs have migrated to Fitzroy Street, joining the long-established ones such as Iain Hewitson, Ronnie di Stasio and Andrew McConnell.

The Queen’s Birthday event provides an opportunity to enjoy the diversity of Fitzroy Street’s offerings and take advantage of specials in participating venues, such as the Royals Special at Barney Allen’s (main course pulled brisket and Kimchi burrito – big bold & yummy, served with a Corona – $A22) Kyma Greek Restaurant’s seafood and meat banquets ($A45-$A65), the lunch & dinner special at Soul Mama (two courses and glass of wine – $A40), High Tea at Bar Santo and Mirka at Tolarno, The Table’s fabulous $A15 offer and happy hour, a Kir Royale cocktail at 29th Apartment ($A10), Robarta’s Royal Special (A cocktail & Asian Tapas experience – $A120 for two) and Sapore’s Express Lunch menu ($A28-$A38 for two or three courses with a glass of wine) and Signature Dinner Menu (three courses with glass of wine – $A40).


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