The Food Stalker eats her way around Hawaii

Meet my blogger pal Sandie (aka The Food Stalker) who clearly knows how to put a surfboard into perspective. This California gal has been schlepping around Hawaii talking to the locals and discovering the best food.

“Not content to watch reruns of Baywatch, I jumped on a plane and headed to Honolulu, Waikiki,” she says.
  • Holiday crowds tend to cluster around Waikiki, so I rented a car and drove to the less developed Kahalu’u where the gorgeous shoreline and beautiful blue ocean have caused many a shipwreck. The key is to get out of the touristy areas (ahem, Waikiki Beach) to eat where the locals do.
  • What do a yellow food truck, an outdoor cooking rotisserie and guy named Warren and “Beansy” all have in common? Mike Fuse. He’s the culinary creator of Mikes Huli Huli Chicken and a drive up the coast from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu lead me right to his door. My nose followed the scent from miles away and a marching band of spices make this the tastiest chicken on the island. Broiled over Kiawe wood and naturally flavored with traditional Hawaiian sea salt, the wood gives the chicken it’s scrumptious smoked flavor.
  • I visited Chinatown and met Chef Glen Chu of Indigo Restaurant. Other highlights included Chef Nico Chaize of Nico’s at Pier 38. The Furikake pan seared Ahi is fresh from the auction at the pier. You’ve got to get up at the crack of dawn to meet those boats coming in, baby.
  • Halekulani Resort: where the hula dancers take center stage, and small talk ceases. How on earth do they move their hands so gracefully and their hips from side to side? Even after a bucket full of Mai Tai’s I still couldn’t sway in the breeze like that. Hawaiʻi (traditional spelling) – it’s a place that steals the spotlight, always wanting to steal your heart.

More on Sandie’s trip:

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