How to help avoid jet lag hell

Three words all travellers dread: jet lag hell. Do you sleep on long-haul flights? The chances are you don’t, and at the end of your journey you stagger off the plane bleary-eyed. And the next few days are a sleep-deprived blur of waking at odd hours, cutting into precious holiday/work time. It’s one of the hazards of a 15-hour trip Australia-Dubai or a 24-hour trip from here to London, or anywhere in Europe, or 12 hours to Los Angeles. And don’t even talk about getting to the East Coast of the US. Pfft!

I usually travel economy class and don’t take sleeping pills. Medically, pills aren’t recommended because of the risk of deep vein thrombosis – also called Economy Class Syndrome. But I have a weapon at my disposal now, called FeelGood IQ. It’s a stress-busting program which includes relaxation techniques (10-minute controlled breathing sessions) which can be downloaded to your phone or iPod. Just plug in your earphones and you are transported to a deep meditative state where quality sleep comes easily.

On a recent long-haul trip I took FeelGood IQ with me and this is what happened: I actually slept for a while in cattleclass and my jetlag was so reduced at my destination I took only a day or so to adjust my sleeping pattern. First time ever!

The whole FeelGood IQ program is designed to reduce stress, put you in touch with a calmer state of mind, and boost energy levels. Each audio session combines over 80 tracks of voice, music, subliminal coaching, guided imagery and binaural and monaural beats into a powerful, multi-layered audio composition, designed to deepen your learning state.

Benefits I’ve noticed (other than being able to sleep on a plane):  reduced anxiety,  more focused, and exploring that delicious space called mindfulness. I continue to use the breathing session program to help me relax. A friend gave it to me as a gift, but it’s not expensive, so go gift yourself. Go to for details. Or go to the link below for our special deal.


FeelGood IQ $US97; Sleep IQ FREE, Confidence IQ FREE Motivation IQ FREE

CLICK HERE for the link.

For maintaining your health in economy class: also recommends:

  • Regular stretching and mobility exercises and if possible walking around the cabin during the flight.
  • Drinking sufficient fluids to keep the urine pale.
  • Taking a low dose aspirin tablet (75mg) for its anti-adhesive effects on blood platelets.
  • The use of graded compression stockings. These are available at most pharmacies and are marketed specifically for use during long haul flights.

*Picture courtesy of Emirates – which has better leg room in economy than many other airlines.

One thought on “How to help avoid jet lag hell

  1. I drink myself stupid and fall asleep eventually but waking up is an experience in dehydration and actually it’s like that for about two days


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