Nine things cabin crew hate about you

The perfect passenger is a 30-something single male travelling for pleasure rather than business, according to a Skyscanner survey. I guess I’m totally off the radar, then. And perhaps so are you. The survey also lists all the nasty habits cabin crew don’t like about passengers.


Apparently cabin crew prefer to work in economy rather than in here

This survey has been swallowed whole by mainstream media over the past week. No-one has questioned the methodology of the survey, asked how exactly Skyscanner reached the results and why a single 30-something man is perfect. Although guys in that age range presumably have all the answers.

Here’s the nine things cabin crew hate about you:

  • The biggest gripe for a quarter of cabin crew (26%) is passengers who click their fingers at them to get their attention.
  • The scramble to leave the plane before the seat belt signs are switched off (13%)
  • Passengers trying to cram too much hand baggage in the overhead lockers (11%)
  • One in 10 say their pet peeve is when passengers talk through the safety demonstration, suggesting that many frequent flyers don’t pay attention in spite of increasing requests by cabin staff
  • Wanting an extra pillow or blanket (8%)
  • Stuffing rubbish in the seat compartments (7%)
  • Asking for a different meal (6%)
  • Ringing the attendant bell to complain about temperature (6%)
  • Asking for a specific brand of drink (4%)

Is that all? What about:

  • People who pee on the toilet floor
  • Passengers who throw up in their seats after making no attempt to get to the loo
  • Mile-high clubbers
  • Under-the-blanket gropers
  • Drunks who get loud and swear a lot
  • Spoiled celebs and VIPs who have more demands than a two-year-old.

Skyscanner’s Sam Poullain says in the company’s media release: “This is the first time that we’ve surveyed international cabin crew and the findings give us a real insight into what they really think of passengers. It’s interesting to see that it’s the men who get the vote for the perfect passenger, and while many of us would love to travel business or first class, cabin crew prefer to work in economy.”

Probably to avoid the spoiled celebs and VIPs. It’s just a more delicate way to phrase it.

Skyscanner also doesn’t explain why economy is less irksome, although I can only guess that in cattleclass there’s less opportunity to be high maintenance.  I have been known to stuff rubbish in the seat compartment and ask for an extra pillow. Oh, the horror.

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3 thoughts on “Nine things cabin crew hate about you

  1. This is the dumbest airline survey I’ve seen in years. I don’t believe lots of cabin crew didn;t complain about all the other shit that passengers get up to. Some of the things on that list that hosties hate are so minor. There’s bigger gripes than that


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