What women travellers want

What women travellers want: We love our own backyard but we prefer to go and visit yours. With the Aussie dollar mostly stronger than the greenback, who can blame us? More Australian women are visiting international landmarks over those at home with 55% of women seeing London’s Buckingham Palace, 52% ticking off Paris’s Eiffel Tower and 31% saying hello to New York’s Statue of Liberty (closed for renovations, and Hurricane Sandy delayed the opening so waving as you go past on the Staten Island ferry is the best bet), compared with only 25% venturing to our Uluru in Central Australia’s desert.  The new research is from Australia’s travel and lifestyle website, lastminute.com.au.

Camel riding at Uluru in the Central Australian desert

The annual lastminute.com.au 2012 Female Travel and Lifestyle Report, which surveyed nearly 5000 Australian women, reveals that in the past 12 months, nearly two in three Australian women have travelled overseas.

Commenting on the results, Lastminute general manager, Kirsty Labruniy says: “It’s a given that Aussie women love to travel, and with international destinations easier and cheaper to get to than ever, women are packing their bags to get out there and see the world. New York, Paris, London, Rome and Singapore at the top of their must-visit lists.”

When it comes to getaways to Aussie capital cities, Melbourne is the clear favourite with almost one in two women picking it as their number one place for a city break.

“Aussie women have a true love affair with Melbourne and who can blame them. It has some of the country’s best shopping, laneway cafes, gorgeous boutique hotels and trendy bars, all without needing to pack your passport,” says Kirsty.

 The report also reveals nearly three in four women admit to researching or booking their holidays while at work. But before bosses start banning access to travel sites, it’s not all bad news with 81% of women feeling more motivated at work when they have a holiday to look forward to.

27% of women said they wanted to go skydiving

Bragging rights: whale watching 60%;  hot air ballooning 57%; white water rafting 38%; swimming with sharks 29%; skydiving 27%; supercar drive 22%; trapeze lesson 21%; bungy jumping 14%.

 Top reasons women travel

Gen Y (born 1980-1994) – 1. To see the world (83%) 2. To relax (82%) 3. To escape day-to-day life (78%)

Gen X (born 1965-1979) – 1. To relax (80%) 2. Spend quality time with family (76%) 3. To see the world (70%)

Baby boomers (born 1946 -1964) – 1. To relax (79%) 2. To see the world (76%) 3. To spend quality time with family (69%)

Other snippets from the annual report:

  • 16% of women worry they will get on their partners nerves (or their partner will get on theirs!) when on holidays
  • One in five women are willing to pay extra for a speedier exit off planes when they get to their destination, with 1% willing to pay up to $100 to be first off
  • 70% of women check their social media accounts when on holidays (up 54% from last year)
  • 43% of women admit to feeling anxious when they travel without their phones (compared to just 29% of men)
  • 55% of women claim to have more sex with their partner when on holidays compared to at home. Other things couples do more of on hols include dining out (88%), trying new stuff (84%), going with the flow (62%), laughing (61%), and talking (52%).
  • Women say NO to phones on planes, with only 18% in favour of mobile phone calls on flights
  • Flight peeves: Snorers, sweaty passengers, armrest hoggers, people too fat to fit in a single seat and share yours, screaming children
  • 26% want female only toilets. Yes!

*Pictures courtesy of Travmedia

2 thoughts on “What women travellers want

  1. I note on Facebook about your comment on female only toilets on flights. That really would be a bonus. We all know men piddle on the floor….


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