Losing It in France by Sally Asher

Losing It in France Sally Asher Losing It in France by Sally Asher chronicles her transformation from a mindless, emotional eater with a weight problem to a woman who loses weight safely with balance and variety. During her years living and travelling in France, Australian Sally finds the courage to quit dieting. She describes the secrets she learned from the French about how to enjoy gastronomic pleasures and lose weight at the same time. And she includes classic French recipes for readers to taste.

It’s all about portion control, good self-esteem and the simple truth: energy in vs energy out.

Women travellers have always envied the French disposition for enjoying the finer things in life while not putting on weight, and Sally’s book is a wonderful exploration of that food culture.

She says amounts of full-fat ingredients such as butter, cream and mayo, are OK in tiny quantities and they do add fulsome flavours to dishes like nothing else can. Just don’t slather the butter on your brioche every day!

“The French seem to break every rule of modern diets and remain effortlessly thin. In other countries, the more obsessed we are with thinness and dieting, the fatter we become,”she writes.

“The French believe good food is their birthright and adopting this concept led me on a pleasurable journey to spoiling myself thin.”

Blueberries and raspberries at the markets in Aix-en-Provence
Blueberries and raspberries at the markets in Aix-en-Provence

10 great tips from Losing It in France:

  • If you visit Paris and observe slim French people eating exquisite, decadent desserts in quaint cafes, rest assured it will be balanced out over a whole week and compensations will be made accordingly
  • The French like to walk a lot instead of sweating it out at the gym
  • Find physical activities that you actually like
  • Apple cider vinegar: a shot of this diluted with water upon rising can help speed up your metabolism
  • It’s all about portion control
  • It takes a week or two to adjust your body’s hunger clock and to learn to judge the right portion sizes
  • Eat mindfully: Turn off the TV and your mobile phone
  • The French rarely snack outside mealtimes
  • Be creative about what you cook and make it look good too
  • Say goodbye to junk food, forever.

Losing It in France by Sally Asher, pub by New Holland Publishers (Australia), $A24.95
Click here for my recipe for delicious chocolate mousse shots, served in delicate French quantities.
Chocolate mousse shots 2


2 thoughts on “Losing It in France by Sally Asher

    1. The French must have extraordinary restraint and self-discipline to eat they way they do. As for tourists to France – pfffft! It’s a feast for the senses and hard to resist.


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