Tasting Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market

Snowy Mountains Fresh
oday I’m tasting Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market in southern Sydney. It’s a plethora of organic veges and eggs, gluten and dairy free savory products and cakes and muffins (and the normal variety), pâté and cheeses, organic wines, fish, breads from award-winning Brasserie Bread, Turkish snacks, Toby’s Estate Coffee, top quality meats, assorted jewellery, quirky clothing stalls, trash n’ treasure. Like other Sydney weekend markets, this is a family-friendly place for kids and assorted dogs. Live music is a nice touch.

Scarves and French cotton tights by Blitz, and organic veges at Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market
Scarves, French cotton tights by Blitz, organic veges at Ramsgate

It opened in the grounds of my daughter’s former primary school on a grey Saturday morning about five years ago with a handful of determined stallholders battling wind and rain. It now has over 40 stalls and is a thriving member of the community in the Botany Bay coastal suburb which is slowly morphing from a sleepy retirement location characterised by rows of tidy villas and blocks of red-brick apartments shaded by towering gum trees. Old fibro homes are giving way to McMansions and new cafes/bars do a brisk trade.

WHAT’S NEW: Belgian waffles (from $3.50). This is Belgian chocolatier Marc Pierard’s second week in business. And they’re WOW.  A nod to buttery brioche, with a caramelised surface. The secret to the texture and taste is the yeast dough. Toppings include melted Belgian chocolate. Marc says his waffles are traditional in the Belgian province of Liege and taste different than those found in Brussels. Sweet, dense, yeasty, chewy, yum. That’s my breakfast. Done.

Belgian waffles by Kiki&Kuku; chocolatier Marc Pierard
Belgian waffles by Kiki&Kuku; chocolatier Marc Pierard

WHAT’S ALSO TASTY: Snowy Mountain Fresh is where I buy fresh ($9) and smoked trout ($12) from James Considine. James is Snowy Mountains born and bred and he sources his fish from the Smiths, a small family concern in Australia’s highest mountain range. He’s been a fixture at the market for eight months. His products also include a stupendously good trout dip ($A10), and trout mini quiches ($4) which are a hearty combo of trout and cheese. James does other Sydney organic food markets as well. At this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show he won a gold medal for the smoked trout.

Trout products from Snowy Mountains Fresh
Trout products from Snowy Mountains Fresh by James Considine

AND ANOTHER NEW THING: Long-time Sydney pastry maker Walter Becker launched Australia’s first cronut outlet at the market today. The cronut is a new donut/croissant hybrid that has taken New York City by mini storm. Walter also supplies Rose Bay’s La Bretagne Patisserie. Cronuts come dusted in sugar ($3.50) or filled with custard. Uber chef Adriano Zumbo launched his own version, the zonut, on Friday at his Balmain shop. My verdict: the texture is a balance between donut and croissant, but the canola oil intruded on the flavor. Walter says it’s too expensive to use grapeseed oil which is the way it’s fried in NYC. Canola oil doesn’t taint the color of the product.

Walter Becker's cronut stall, next to the fresh flowers
Walter Becker busy at his new cronut stall, next to the fresh flowers

AND I COULDN’T RESIST: An old Moroccan stamp made into a pendant by Possum Blossom ($15).

Pendant from an old Mococcan stamp by Possum Blossom (2)


  • Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market, at Ramsgate Public School, Chuter Ave, Ramsgate NSW 2217, Australia
  • Open 8am-1pm each Saturday, rain, hail or shine
  • Ample street parking
  • Over 40 stalls.

*All images copyright Taste for Travel. If you liked this post, you might like to read: about tasting a Saturday market in Aix-en-Provence

Cabbage plants Aix-en-Provence market (2)

4 thoughts on “Tasting Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market

  1. Oh wow, I was at the Ramsgate Markets last Saturday was surprised to find cronuts making their presence. I had been following Dominque Ansell’s story and how crowds line up outside his NYC bakery for hours as he only releases a few hundred a day and you can only buy 2 per person, so crazily a black market has sprung with huge mark ups. Movida bakery moved in next with their version and then Zumbo last week.

    So when I spotted them I just had to try and to be honest I couldn’t eat more than a mouthful. I completely agree about the oil – that was all I could taste which is a shame. I wondered where they had gone wrong so thank you for clearing it up regarding having to use canola oil. Hopefully one day I can go back to NY to try the originals!


    1. Hi Teebee, hopefully the product will improve soon. Meanwhile, a cross between a donut and a muffin is set to hit our shores soon – I can’t imagine what it will be called. A duffin? A monut?


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