Taste for Travel’s market gifts for you

Aix-en-Provence Market 2
I took this at the Aix-en-Provence market – I just love the colours

Look what I’ve bought you at the markets! I love¬†shopping at outdoor markets (in France, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand) and buying fruit, veges, honey, Belgian waffles, sunflowers, smoked trout dip…and other gorgeous stuff. I’ve got some jewellery and a funky handbag accessory to give away as it’s just past the blog’s second birthday. I’m also belatedly celebrating America’s Independence Day (July 4) and getting in ahead of France’s Bastille Day (July 14).¬†Taste for Travel’s market gifts include two vintage stamps turned artfully into pendants, that I bought at Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market, in Sydney’s coastal southern suburbs, made by Possum Blossom.

Statue of Liberty vintage stamp pendant by Possum Blossom
Statue of Liberty vintage stamp pendant by Possum Blossom

I have one vintage American stamp commemorating the Statue of Liberty which re-opened on July 4 after undergoing major renovations, and one vintage French stamp pendant to give a shout out to the Francophiles.

Vintage French stamp turned artfully into a pendant
Vintage French stamp turned artfully into a pendant

The third gift is a handbag holder designed and made by French artist Olivier at Mo Resin. His wife Sandrine is a regular on the Sydney markets circuit, selling their avant garde gold and silver leaf jewellery which is encased in resin, and their accessories. I bought this at Orange Grove Markets, in Sydney’s inner west. Handbags get trashed if they’re dumped on the floor and this is a ladylike way to keep it close to you and keep it clean and free of blemishes. This is how it works (see picture below): just set the jewelled end down on the table or desk edge and attach your bag by the straps. Too easy. And it will hold a fair weight. I use one all the time. Feng Shui says: A purse on the floor is money out the door.

How a handbag holder keeps your bag out of mischief
How a handbag holder keeps your expensive bag out of mischief


A stylish mo-resin handbag holder
A stylish Mo Resin handbag holder

Olivier and Sandrine gave up their life in Paris to start afresh in Sydney. You can read more about them here. They were kind enough to donate gifts for Taste for Travel’s first birthday.

All you have to do to win Taste for Travel’s market gifts is leave a comment at the bottom of the post, and state your preference. That way I’ll have your email address and I can contact you on where to send your gift. I’ll just choose three people at random at the end of July. Good luck! XX

5 thoughts on “Taste for Travel’s market gifts for you

  1. Handbag holder is a very good idea and this looks modern and interesting. I would like very much to receive this. Thank you.


  2. Id love to be patriotic but I like the handbag holder better. I agree with the philosophy of keeping the bag off the floor. Thank you!


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