Tania’s travels inspire bold, feminine art

Amazon Bride by Tania Wursig

Amber Rose by Tanya Wursig
Sydney artist Tania Wursig is a gypsy queen with a fascination for bold, feminine concepts. There’s no other way I can describe her. Her diverse cultural background and travels have inspired her flamboyant work, which feature strong, sensual women. Tania’s latest exhibition, Urban Amazons, will be launched on June 12 in Sydney’s inner suburb of Rozelle, following a successful exhibition on the same theme in Melbourne earlier this year. The paintings are acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Tania Wursig

Tania is of German, Finnish and Gypsy descent. Her varied ancestry has profoundly motivated her work. She’s a graduate of the Sydney College of the Arts, majoring in fashion and textile design. Her professional painting career has seen her resident in Paris and Barcelona, and an annual two-month residency in Tahiti where she runs painting workshops. Tania’s paintings are held in private collections throughout Europe, the UK, USA, Australia and Tahiti. I’ve been to several of her exhibitions openings. Her jaw-dropping work envelops me the moment I set foot in the door. There’s no get-a-glass-of-wine-make-chit-chat-and-then-look-at-the-art. It demands to be seen and absorbed immediately. It’s in-your-face-sexy-gorgeous. Urban Amazons promises to be no exception.

Amazon Bride by Tania Wursig

“This body of work has been inspired by an emerging tribe of women in society today that I refer to as the Urban Amazon.  These girls are strong, feisty, and extremely feminine. Their sense of aesthetic is a form of expression and a statement of their sensuality removed from the norm that society dictates,” Tania says.

“However it is by no means a protest against the stereotyped roles that women have been groomed towards for generations, nor a statement of yet another pigeon hole called ‘feminism’. It appears to me to be a natural evolution and an uncontrived liberation to be simply themselves. They celebrate their femininity in a unique, unencumbered way with a beautiful confidence. All my models I have found by chance out and about and this body of work has evolved through these women.”

Tania also sells collections of textiles and hero cushions. Many seem to be inspired by her visits to luscious, exotic Tahiti. The hero cushions and wall hangings are designed to be functional pieces of art. Editions are strictly limited with only 50 per design. Tania uses organic hemp/cotton and organic hemp/silk. Priced from $A145.

  • Urban Amazons exhibition opens June 12 at
    Studios Aloft, Prosper Lane Rear, 660 Darling Street, Rozelle
  • More: www.taniawursig.com
  • Inquiries: 0409 362 949

Nikita Margarita and the Pineapple by Tania Wursig

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