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I_Love_My_World_necklace_3 resin jewellery shop
This silver leaf and resin necklace cleverly represents Earth from a heavenly perspective

I’m so excited to bring you these artisan collections of handmade, limited edition resin jewellery. My new resin jewellery shop features selected pieces by talented Paris/Sydney artist-jewellery company Mo Resin. I’ve been wearing Mo Resin’s jewellery for three years and they travel with me. Olivier’s jewellery instantly dress up the simplest of outfits, turning day wear into party wear. A shop seemed like the logical next step.

  • They make statements about travel, art, culture, romance and connecting to the earth.
  • Each piece is made of silver or gold leaf, encased in durable resin.
  • Ranges will change periodically, as stocks are limited to ensure exclusivity.
  • Mo Resin artist-jeweller Olivier’s paintings are of sensual, dynamic, strong women and he extends this passion for bold statements to the jewellery he makes.
  • Mo Resin jewellery is perfect to travel with, and inexpensive enough so if you lose a piece or leave it behind in a hotel, you can afford to replace it.
  • Resin jewellery will help you travel light and look glamorous.
  • Prices start from $A39.95. 

Australia Gum Leaf Collection resin jewellery shop

Australia Native Leaf Necklace resin jewellery shop
The gum leaf collection of Australian resin jewellery is inspired by the beauty of our continent’s landscape, parts of which are densely populated with gum trees. Slender gum leaves have a unique beauty yet they and the tree are tough enough to withstand the harsh extremes of Australia’s climate. Resin jewellery is tough too, with the durable resin coating able to withstand quite a bit of throwing around. Gum trees have a special place in Australia’s ancient indigenous culture and modern folklore. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings in stock now.

Aboriginal Art Range resin jewellery shop

Resin jewellery Janmarda Cuff Silver Leaf
The Aboriginal Art Range is drawn from actual paintings by artist Sarah White from the Central Australia Arts Collective. 10% of royalties go to the collective. Australia’s indigenous art often has a mostly bird’s eye or imagined ariel perspective. Concentric circles, which are a key component of the Central Australia art style,  usually represent a group of people or site or place, a campsite or a water/rockhole. These are places of great significance.  Resin cuffsnecklaces and earrings in stock now.

Mondrian Resin Cuff

Resin Jewellery Mondrian Cuff, Silver Leaf, Red, Black Violet on model
Modern Mondrian is inspired by the 20th Century Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. His most famous works included painting grids of vertical and horizontal black lines and using primary colours. Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent also drew inspiration from Mondrian, producing his famous block grid shift dresses, one of the most iconic fashion trends of the 1960s. Now these geometrical designs are getting an ultra modern makeover. Resin cuffs and necklaces in stock now.

Resin Earrings Resin Ring
Silver leaf is dramatically designed and coloured to mirror inky depths of our oceans, swirling clouds and dramatic landscapes of our diverse planet, as if seen from space, for the Love My World range. If you travel the globe, this range will match your adventurous spirit. It also reminds me to take good care of our beautiful, yet increasingly fragile planet, and sparks memories of places I’ve visited and yearn to go. Resin necklaces, earrings, cocktail ring in stock now.

Resin Ring

Paris map resin earrings and ring
The Paris Map range is inspired by a centuries-old map of the City of Love, cleverly reproduced onto the surface. Like all items, it makes a big statement but is effortlessly light to wear. The band of the Resin Ring: Gold Paris Map is adjustable, and the ring complements the rectangular earrings made of gold leaf and resin, which also feature part of the map. Historic maps of Paris have even shown what the site was believed to have looked like in A.D. 360, when it was a tiny village on the banks of the River Seine! Resin rings and earrings in stock now.

Resin Jewellery Shop

Opening Specials

I have only one each of these as a shop-opening celebration

Resin Ring: Silver French Riviera $49.95 $34.00

Resin Ring: Silver French Riviera
Like the other rings, it comes with an adjustable band. The Resin Ring, Silver French Riviera is luminous, resembling a pebble on a Riviera beach in the south of France. 

Green gum leaf resin brooch and earrings $99.95  $89.95

Green gum leaf resin brooch and matching earrings
The Green Gum Leaf Resin Brooch and Earrings are also a one-off special. The brooch shows the sweeping curve of an Australian native gum leaf. So delicate and pretty. 

About Mo Resin

Jeweller Olivier working
Olivier at work in his Sydney studio

“I want to keep my business the artistic way”

French-born Olivier is inspired by red and ochre desert colours, native gum leaves and indigenous cultures of Australia, but also draws inspiration from the land of his birth. His very contemporary collections have emotional depth as well as artistic presence. He makes everything himself and has no thoughts of mass production. Olivier is passionate about what he does. It’s a joy to talk to him about his work. Each piece of resin jewellery is engraved with the MO initials confirming their handmade originality.

“I want to know my hands have shaped all my work,” says Olivier. “You’re never as good as when you’re doing something you love, rather than doing something you are obliged to do. I want to keep my business the artistic way.”

And that’s the way I like it too.

Love what you’re wearing!

For more shop details, Click HERE

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