Resin Jewellery Australia Gum Leaf Design

Resin Bracelet: Gold and SIlver Leaf

Australia Gum Leaf Collection
The Resin Jewellery Australia Gum Leaf Design is inspired by the beauty of our continent’s landscape, parts of which are densely populated with gum trees.  Taste for Travel’s online shop stocks these limited-edition Australian resin jewellery items created by Paris/Sydney jewellery company Mo Resin. Slender gum leaves have a unique beauty yet they and the tree are tough enough to withstand the harsh extremes of our country’s climate. Resin jewellery is tough too, with the durable resin coating able to withstand quite a bit of throwing around. Gum trees have a special place in Australian indigenous culture.

Australian gum leaves

Resin Jewellery Australia Gum Leaf Design

brooch and earrings

Green gum leaf resin brooch and matching earrings

Resin Jewellery Australia Gum Leaf Design Necklace

Australia Gum Leaf Resin Necklace

Resin Jewellery Australia Gum Leaf Design Bracelet

Resin Bracelet: Gold and SIlver Leaf

There are more than 700 species of the eucalyptus, or gum tree, in Australia and only 15 species found outside our wide, brown land. It’s the main food source for the beloved koala bear. The leaves can be used to dye natural fibres such as silk and wool, ranging from yellow and orange to green, tan, chocolate and deep rust red. Different species were used for medicinal purposes by our indigenous peoples. The delicate shape of the leaves has been used to create these fine resin earrings.

Resin Jewellery Australia Gum Leaf Design Earrings

Resin Earrings: Gold Gum Leaf


Resin Earrings: Silver Gum Leaf

I’ve been wearing Mo Resin’s jewellery for three years and they travel with me. Olivier’s jewellery instantly dress up the simplest of outfits, turning day wear into party wear.

  • They make statements about travel, art, culture, romance and connecting to the earth.
  • Each piece is made of silver or gold leaf, encased in durable resin.
  • Ranges will change periodically, as stocks are limited to ensure exclusivity.
  • Mo Resin artist-jeweller Olivier’s paintings are of sensual, dynamic, strong women and he extends this passion for bold statements to the jewellery he makes.
  • Mo Resin jewellery is perfect to travel with, and inexpensive enough so if you lose a piece or leave it behind in a hotel, you can afford to replace it.
  • Resin jewellery will help you travel light and look glamorous.
  • Prices start from $A39.95. 


Resin Bracelet: Gold and Silver Gum Leaf

More details at the RESIN JEWELLERY SHOP

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Affordable chic for

worldly women

Love what you’re wearing!

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