I fly Scoot to Singapore on the super cheap


A toddler is giving
away cheapie air fares.
No joke. 

My favourite no-frills airline Scoot is celebrating its third birthday with super cheap flights Australia-Singapore. If you come to the birthday party and fly Scoot out of Australia, the toddler airline will take you home economy class just for the cost of your unavoidable taxes only.

Scoot is Singapore-based low-cost long-haul. It launched flights in 2012 on routes from Singapore, predominantly to Australia and China. Scoot has flown over 4.3 million passengers safely to their destinations.

This great sale starts on the stroke of midnight – from 0000-hrs Thursday June 4 2015, till 2359 Sunday June 7 2015, (Singapore/Perth time) or from 0200-hrs Thursday June 4 2015, till 0159 Monday June 8 2015 (Sydney time).  

  • Travel period for the “no fare flights” from Singapore to Sydney Gold Coast or Perth – Jun 4 2015 – Jul 10 2015, Aug 1 – Sep 20, 2015; Oct 10 2015 – Dec 15 2015 and Feb 1 2016 – Mar 26 2016
  • Travel period for the “no fare flights” Singapore to Melbourne* – Nov 1 2015 – Dec 15 2015; Feb 1 2016 – Mar 26 2016 
  • Blackout periods may apply over school holidays and event periods.

How it works

  • Fly Perth to Singapore from $A149 one way and pay only $70 for taxes on the return flight.
  • Fly Gold Coast to Singapore from $199 one way and pay only $70 for taxes on the return flight.
  • Fly Sydney to Singapore from $219 one way and pay only $85 ditto.
  • If you are booking ScootBiz, purchase a regular ticket out of Australia and pay only for taxes plus and additional $50 on the return flight.
  • Fly Melbourne to Singapore from $219 one way and pay only $75 ditto. Melbourne flights start November 1.
Book your tickets at FlyScoot.com
 or contact the Call Centre.

Why I adore Singapore

Sofitel So Singapore
Sofitel SO Singapore – so stylish
The outdoor pool at Orchard Parksuites
Hotel pool at Orchard Suites
Noodles in Singapore, Maxwell
Delicious noodles $S6
Shopping in Singapore
Shop til you drop
Sari Shop, Little India, Singapore
Singapore is cultural diversity
Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel
Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel
High Rise Singapore view
Skyscraper forest with lots of green spaces
Free Hugs, Singapore
Singaporeans are really friendly

Here’s my tips for getting the best out of the flight:

  • Eat before you get onboard. The food ain’t great. Suck it up, the fare is cheap and you’re not moving in.
  • Seats are surprisingly comfortable in economy class.
  • Good foot room for economy.
  • If you want to upgrade, the chances are you can do it when you get onboard. There’s often a cabin announcement offering upgrades cheaper than buying them beforehand.
  • Scoot costs up to 50 per cent less than major airlines. Not to be sneezed at.
  • Scoot operates 787 Dreamliners on all Australian routes.
  • The Dreamliner has 35 Scoot Biz seats (which recline only 5cm more than the 340 economy seats). I’ve travelled ScootBiz on an overnight flight and would probably stick to economy class if there was room to stretch out along a row.
  • Onboard wifi available.

scoot12 copy

5 thoughts on “I fly Scoot to Singapore on the super cheap

  1. I really think it’s time I go to Singapore. I’ve flown over it a number of times. What is it about Singapore that I don’t want to stop for? Oh, I dunno. These fares – Gold Coast to Singapore from $199 one way and pay only $70 for taxes on the return flight – looks good. I know there will be a run on them and I’ve no idea if I log in that I’ll be able to book what I want because the Scoot site will be on overload. But I will give it a go. Like a million others.


  2. Done Scoot, actually. Our flight was only half full so we got to sprawl out in the economy class. We should have eaten before going to the airport because it was not very edible food on the plane. The bread is all fluffy and tasteless and the cheese is plastic yellow. Weird.

    Apart from that, it was good. The flight took off on time and arrived early.

    We didn’t need wifi. Took iPad and books and played cards. Like you say, you’re not moving in, so don’t act like First World Problems have come to you, and just focus on enjoying your destination.


  3. Yes I have been on Scoot too, with my sister and 2 besties soon after they started the Sydney to Singers route. The only thing I didn’t like about the return flight was the 2am departure but never mind. Honestly. the price was right. We had to hassle our hotel for a really late late check out or we’d end up paying for a full extra night we didn’t need because we had to check out at midnight and get a cab to the airport. xxx


    1. Hi Karolyna – Thanks for the comment. Many hotels will do an eight-hour or day rate to accommodate such circumstances, and all hotels are happy to store your luggage and let you use lounge facilities if there’s a big gap between check out and airport check in.


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