Noma Sydney sold out in four minutes!

Noma 3

Update: Holy smoked/pickled/cured mackerel, Batman! Nova Sydney’s 5600 seats across 10 weeks sold out in four minutes on Friday, October 30! The reservations site for Noma Sydney opened at 10am AEDT. By 10.04 am, all the $485-a-head seats were sold out.

The much-awarded Noma restaurant will relocate from Copenhagen to our harbour city for 10 weeks in January 2016, to share the best of Australian produce as seen through the eyes of head chef René Redzepi and his team.

Noma will temporarily close in Denmark to open its new waterfront home at Barangaroo on Sydney Harbour. Getting a table at the World’s Best Restaurant 2014 and third best of 2015 is not so easy, so start planning!

It’s the most eagerly awaited pop-up restaurant since Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck plopped down in Melbourne, which created an absolute bitch fight for seats.

Chef Redzepi says he’s always been attracted to the diversity of Australia’s landscapes and ingredients.

Rene Redzepi

…what really boggles my mind is the differences you find in its landscapes and ingredients, because honestly I have never seen anything like it… Since my first trip to Australia several years ago I’ve been wanting to spend more time there.”

The Noma team will find the best of Australia’s produce to design an original menu, focusing on producers who have a respectful and passionate engagement with the sea and the land.

“We look forward to the new year and this new exploration. It will be a different journey, but one that I am incredibly excited about – the opportunity to broaden our horizons, to expand our minds and our tastes, to make new friends, and catch-up with old ones, as we delve into this magnificent landscape,” Redzepi says.

“Australia has always drawn me in; its great cities, its generous people, and of course its ever-present sun. But what really boggles my mind is the differences you find in its landscapes and ingredients, because honestly I have never seen anything like it.

“Since my first trip to Australia several years ago I’ve been wanting to spend more time there — exploring, tasting, and understanding its ingredients. From the tropical fruit in the north, to the native pepper leaf of Tasmania; the pristine fish and shellfish of the very south, and all the new exotic wonders in between.

He expects his research forays will take him into the bush, around every shoreline, weeding their way through Flinders and Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Somewhere along that course he may get his first surfing lesson.

We’re bringing the entire team, from dishwasher to general manager.”

“When we settle down we’re bringing the entire team, from dishwasher to general manager – our work family as well as our spouses and kids — but we’re leaving behind our ingredients in Copenhagen. All we’ll take from our kitchen is an open frame of mind and a passion for learning.”

Noma 1

Hidden away in an 18th century harbour warehouse in Copenhagen, Noma boasts two Michelin stars. But Noma is not about fusion food, it’s a New Nordic kitchen. You’ll find Scandinavian delicacies like Icelandic seaweed, Faroese deep-sea fish, Greenlandic musk ox and sorrel from Danish forests on your plate. The chefs do all their own curing, smoking and pickling and are at the forefront of new techniques to combine and prepare ingredients in innovative ways.

Noma Sydney will be located in the Anadara building at the Barangaroo precinct, set to become Australia’s landmark future food and beverage destination. The location was selected for its synergy to Noma in Copenhagen, which is also on the water and strongly connected to the sea.

As a vital part of Noma’s research in the lead up to the restaurant opening, René and his team have already embarked on several Australia-wide visits to meet with producers, local communities, farmers and chefs.

Noma Sydney will open for lunch and dinner five days per week.

More info about bookings: But good luck that. You can add your name to a waiting list. I wasn’t one of the lucky diners to get a table, so I consoled myself by going to see the chefy Bradley Cooper movie, Burnt. Features tormented souls, Gordon Ramsey style tantrums and great food porn. Well worth a look.


*Picture of white asparagus with poached egg yolk and sauce of woodruff courtesy of Wikipedia.

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