Mystery Box Rally – you’re doing what?

Mystery Box Rally

Mystery Box Rally
Only Australia would have a cancer research fundraiser called Shitbox Rally.

SHitbox Rally
Shitbox Rally is not a race, rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable – to drive crappy cars worth $1,000 each, across Australia via some of its most arduous roads. Shitbox Rally has raised over $6 million for the Cancer Council.

And that’s not all.

Mystery Box Rally will leave where Shitbox Rally left off in May 2015 – the stunning tropical setting of Townsville. Departing on August 22, the convoy of teams raising cancer research funds will do a five-day rally of the Queensland outback. 75 teams driving mysterious cars along a mysterious route.

Mystery Box is part of Box Rallies, founded by James Freeman, after he lost both his parents to cancer within 12 months of each other. Described as the mad baby brother of Shitbox Rally, Mystery Box is a chance to meet like-minded people. It also offers a unique way to travel, and see our vast and beautiful country.

To qualify for the Mystery Box Rally, supporters must have raised a minimum of $3,000.

Over the last three years, teams of mates, gal pals, siblings and partners have travelled together through Australian small country towns and magnificent outback landscapes united in their efforts to raise money for charity.  Previous Mystery Box Rallies have raised a combined total $432,000 for vital Cancer Council research programs, with a target of $350,000 for the 2015 rally.

Mystery Box Rally
Like its older sibling, Mystery Box Rally promises a once in a lifetime adventure, mind blowing scenery, camping under the stars and of course, lots of laughs. There’s also a few mysteries thrown in along the way.

Mystery Box Rally
Participants arrive not knowing anything about the trip or where they are headed. Destinations and routes are kept secret and revealed just before they take off for each day. The only thing they know for sure is that they’ll be making a round trip, so they start and finish in the same location. Sounds like fun – right?!

Mystery Box Rally 2015

The next surprise for teams is finding out which car they’ll be driving. All of the vehicles for the rally are owned and provided by Manheim Auctions Australia, who ensure they are registered, roadworthy and ready for teams to bid on at the private auction held, the night before the event starts. This is the first time participants get to lay eyes on their “dream” Mystery Box.

James says: “By providing the cars, as part of the Mystery Box Rally we’ve taken the hard work out of finding a suitable vehicle, getting it road ready and transporting it to the required location. It means you don’t need to know a great deal about cars or how they work – anyone and everyone can get involved.”

“Losing both my parents to cancer was the catalyst for me wanting to get actively involved in the fight for a cure.”

Mystery box rally 3
Some hot tips from Mystery Box teams include pack clean clothes for arrival back into Townsville; zip lock bags are handy for keeping out the dirt from the road. Bring something to decorate the car, think Mad Max Fury Road “post-apocalyptic” look.

Removable stickers, funky car seat covers, disco balls or fluffy dice are fabulous accessories and are a great way to a fun way to make friends along the way. Townsville boosts an average of 300 days of sunshine a year so both sunscreen and hats are rally essentials.

According to the 14th biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare around 360,000 Australians are living with cancer.

Info: Mystery Box Rally or if you want to do next year’s Shitbox Rally May 7-13, Mackay to Hobart, go to… Shitbox Rally …

SHitbox Rally 2


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