Heather TylerWelcome aboard Taste for Travel.  I’m Heather – a writer, editor, author, content provider, Pilates enthusiast, coffee fan. I believe travel, food and culture are inseparable. I like a side order of the unexpected. Homelands: Australia, Greece, New Zealand. I believe in respectfully connecting with a place rather than rushing through. Compassionate, ethical travel is important to me.

I inherited my lovely mother’s boundless curiosity about our world. Being able to go beyond my own back yard is a gift I never take for granted, and like most people, can’t always afford. My seafaring great, great grandfather’s spirit of adventure has also been handed down. Captain M.T. Clayton, a 19th Century master maritime painter and adventurer, sailed tall-masted ships around the world.

Beachfront cafe on Mykonos

  • Like many travel bloggers, my content was fairly generic for a while. For longevity, a blog needs focus. My main areas of information and insights for women travellers are Mediterranean countries, particularly GreeceAsia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East feature too. Blogging is a moveable feast, so I may tweak the menu again. The digital medium is tirelessly adaptable.
  • Meeting locals and fellow travellers along the way is one of the best bits about going places. I like to write about that.
  • Transplanting yourself into another culture takes guts. I explore cross-cultural challenges.
  • Food is often the way we most keenly taste our travel experience, so I feature flavours from many places.
  • Content is curated to reflect up-to-date information.
  • Travel has hazards. I write about downsides too.
  • Books rock my world like nothing else. I review travel-related books. I interview authors and give away the books so my bookshelf clutter doesn’t build up.
  • Ask Sally is occasional tongue-in-cheek advice from our relationships and travel etiquette “guru” Sally Slaughter.

Asylum: Voices Behind the Razor Wire I wrote about my own travel and culture shock in contributing chapters to Foreign Women in Greece, a guide to surviving life in the land of the gods. I then wrote about other people’s odysseys in my debut non-fiction book, Asylum: Voices Behind the Razor Wire, published by Lothian Books in 2003 (reprinted the same year) and shortlisted for a Dobbie Award, a major literary accolade, in 2004. The book revealed the plight of asylum seekers running from persecution and war-torn countries, and seeking sanctuary in Australia only to end up behind razor wire in the kafka-esque system of mandatory immigration detention. I’m writing another book now – and yes, it’s about journeys. It seems to be the story of my life.

Heather at Hadrian's Arch copy

My copywriting and editing skills
are for hire. Why should you hire me?

  • Experience: I have many years experience in media, from writing for print through to TV and digital.
  • Editing: I’ve been editing copy for 20 years. I know how to make mediocre copy sing, and I fact-check rigorously.
  • Quality copy: My writing is accurate and grammatically correct.
  • Writing style: My writing is empathetic, as well as informative and entertaining.
  • Adaptability: I understand the needs of a changing media landscape and how to write quality content on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Punctuality: I never miss a deadline. No excuses.
  • Pay: I don’t write for free, for “exposure” or any other nebulous bullshit.
  • Contact: info@tastefortravel.com.au

Pomegranates, Monastiraki

 Thanks for visiting, and come back soon!
Better still, hire me. 

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