Treated like a princess at Oberoi Rajvilas

Oberoi Hotels are serene, almost surreal retreats from the colourful chaos and cloying heat of India. They’re famed for their architecture, impeccable service, food, attention to cultural detail. Welcome, your royal highness This is Oberoi Rajvilas in Jaipur, which looks and feels like one of the magnificent palaces gracing Rajasthan. Travel-weary guests are greeted with wideContinue reading “Treated like a princess at Oberoi Rajvilas”

Travel tip: Nail polish detects date rape drugs

A new nail polish detects date rape drugs such as GBH, Xanax and Rohypnol. This extraordinary invention has been revealed on one of my favourite websites Not Impossible Now. Four students at North Carolina State University invented  the nail polish. The brand is called Undercover Colors.  Women can simply dip their fingers into their drinks, whichContinue reading “Travel tip: Nail polish detects date rape drugs”

Life hacks for women travelling solo

Here’s my tips for solo women travellers, which include safety and cultural awareness. It’s a big, bad world, but going solo can be a lot of fun.

10 tips from an Indian man on safety for women travelling in India

Women travellers to India are much reduced in numbers after high-profile rape cases. Here’s a list of travel safety tips in India for women, compiled by an Indian man, looking at the situation from his viewpoint.

Husband Hunting in the Raj by Anne de Courcy

Ships which took women to colonial India to bag a husband were known as the Fishing Fleet. These tenacious women had little lasting legacy. The British Empire was entirely dominated by men and it’s their names in the history books about the sub-continent. Until now.