So many wow moments on safari in Zambia

On safari in Zambia. Or Kenya. Or Tanzania. Or Rwanda. Surely this is one of life’s greatest travel experiences for adventurous women. Justine Glen, the founder of Reis Voyage says travelling to Kenya on her own in 1995 was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Spending the next 15 years travelling in Africa and living in TanzaniaContinue reading “So many wow moments on safari in Zambia”

How fly in fly out messes with your life

WHO: Aussie born, Scotland based Georgina Penney has written about the hazards of the peripatetic FIFO lifestyle in her newly-published novel Fly in Fly out. It’s also about growing up to eventually become better people, if we choose. THE PLOT: After months working on an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean, engineer Jo Blaine can’t wait toContinue reading “How fly in fly out messes with your life”

Things Can Only Get Feta

Read on for the great Greek book giveaway! Two British journalists decide to leave Scotland for Greece, with dog in tow. Just as the economic crisis hits hard. The challenging first year of the adventure, living in a remote hillside village, became a highly entertaining book, Things Can Only Get Feta (Bene Factum Publishing), whereContinue reading “Things Can Only Get Feta”

10 tips from an Indian man on safety for women travelling in India

Women travellers to India are much reduced in numbers after high-profile rape cases. Here’s a list of travel safety tips in India for women, compiled by an Indian man, looking at the situation from his viewpoint.

Traditional Greek Easter sweets – yum!

Come into the kitchen at a busy Greek bakery in Sydney and take a look at traditional Greek Easter sweets – a once-a-year mega sugar rush with flakey filo, nuts, cinnamon, custard, syrup and fragrant lemony bread. Totally irresistible.